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With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry by providing innovative solutions.

OBS offers engineering in all disciplines. Through a detailed study, we managed to identify needs in order to design comprehensive solutions with a focus on quality and compliance.

Nuestros servicios en desarrollo de proyectos:

We materialize the project; we make purchases, build and assemble all components and systems according to the designs and specifications developed in the detailed engineering phase within budgeted time and cost planning.
After performing a meticulous implementation and planning process by our specialists in different areas and with a protocol commissioner, we perform functional tests of all individual elements in each phase, and verify the correct operation of every system. Finally we verify that performance parameters are established in accordance with installation warranty.
OBS manages projects from its initial planning and design phase of procurement, construction and installation, from operations to maintenance, meeting work schedules, setting budgets, environmental protection and social responsibility.
Starting and running a business carries its own set of risk exposures, and there are several factors that can impact how safe your personal and business assets are from risk. These include, but are not limited to the type of business entity and the state you choose to do business in, as well as how you manage your business, human resources, and taxes. Business risk management identifies your options for handling these risks.